Magnolia Gifts Storefront

About the Shop

Tucked away in the small mountain community of Jasper, in beautiful Jasper National Park, Magnolia offers an experience of Canadian-made handcrafted goods. The owner, Mirta, grew to love the nature and beauty that surrounded the community and has called Jasper her home for the past 20 years. Opening in the summer of 2017, she had the vision of having a shop that truly depicted the beauty of Canada by selling items that are made in Canada.

As the items are handcrafted, this makes each item one of a kind. Meeting artisans from across Canada – from the East coast of Nova Scotia to the West coast of Vancouver Island – Mirta is able to tell the story of each item in her shop. Additionally, the shop includes items locally handcrafted in Jasper. The hope is that every customer is able to have an item that is uniquely different while supporting Canadian artisans.